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  1. Pets - Daily use
  2. People - daily use
function blago Vapour permeable cover Excellent breathability, sleeping comfort and bed linen hygiene. polnilo 3D structured Rubber elasticity, exceptional breathability and water repellency while maintaining high elasticity. zadrga Zipper Washable due its zipper opening.

Functional advantages

1Breathability - Less steamy and less mold infestation

2Cleanliness - Easy wash and quick dry after washing

3Washability - Washable under shower or gentle washing machine

4Longer Durability and minimum waste - less sagging

5Environmentally - Almost zero emission of poisonous elements when burnt

What people say

We’re very satisfied with Breathair® cushion because we solve many problems we have had every year after coming back to our caravan holiday season because of stuffiness, hygiene ... 

Igor and Silva

Very pleased with car seat cushion. Ordering was very easy, definitely would suggest to my friends.

Matjaž B.

We renovate sailing boats. Our clients were surprised about quality and functionality we made for them with use of Breathair®. It was our first case using this material and we will use it for new projects.

Damir H.